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I hope you find the information on this site of value to your decision making. I have aimed to keep things simple, so if you have any further queries, please email or call me on the above numbers.

I started this journey as a piano technician in 1988, It has been great fun and along the way I have met many amazing and talented people. I still love my profession as much today as I ever have. What keeps me interested is that no piano or day is the same and you come across many challenges in your journeys. One of my most important and enjoyable decisions was to join the Australasian Piano Tuners & Tecnicians Association. and the South Australian Pianoforte Tuners & Repairers Association.  I am ARPT (Australasian Registered Piano Tuner) qualified and I believe you need to ask this question of any piano technician you decide to use.

A huge advantage of the above associations is that every couple of years they have a convention incorporating many lectures and workshops, You never become stagnant and your mind is continually being fed with new ideas, this continues throughout the year with various workshops locally amongst members.

I have an old fashioned attitude on life and my profession. You do your job properly and to the best of your ability, treat people with fairness, honesty, courtesy and respect and the rest falls into place. It has worked so far, so I will stick to those principals for my future.

I hope I can be of service to you in the near future.


Brenton Jenkins. (Qualified and Registered Piano Technician) ARPT.